Marina Tasaklaki

Archaeologist / Numismatist,
Ephorate of Antiquities of Rhodope,
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Marina Tasaklaki (PhD, History and Numismatics, Ionian University) is as an archaeologist at the Rhodope Ephorate of Antiquities since 1996 and has excavated many sites ranging from prehistoric to byzantine era (Maroneia, Dikaia, Abdera, Molyvoti, Samothrace, Anastasioupolis). Since 2013, MT participates to the Molyvoti, Thrace Archaeological Project (MTAP, which investigates a classical city on the Thracian Sea in its changing environmental, economic, and cultural contexts, and within evolving regional trade and power networks. She has also participated in two major publishing programs related to the coinage of Maroneia and Zone and authored articles regarding the pottery and the coins of the excavated areas.

Select publications: